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Taxing Booking & Perak Place of Interests

1. Belum Forest Reserve


There are approximately 60 salt licks that are found scattered all over Belum. There salt licks are vital for the wellbing of the animals in the forest. There are plenty of potential for the operators to develop particular areas of these salt licks for ecotourism purposes. However, in order to realize this mission, much more planning and extensive research has to be done as it has been known from the past that introduction of people to the area will cause the animals to flee them their usual waterholes and saltpans. This happened in Taman Negara and must be taken note by the authorities of the Belum Reserve as well.Salt licks are commonly found with various types of animal tracks such as the Sambar Deer, the Kijangs, Tapirs, wild boars, Seladang, Malayan Gaur, wild boars and many more. Even elephant tracks can be seen crossing the salt lick area. While being here at the forest reserve, be sure to take some moment to enjoy the breath-taking scenery and the beautiful sunset over the Temenggor Lake.

You can also visit the Terhong waterfall when you are here. It will take a 2-hour boat ride and another 4 hours of trekking to reach this waterfall. You can also choose to visit the Orang Asli settlement which is along the Sara River. The Belum forest has many other activities that you can indulge in. Some of them are jungle trekking, bird watching, camping, kayaking and fishing


2. Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)


The road up the Bukit Larut is a narrow and winding one. The road goes through tropical virgin jungle thus you will be freshen up by the fresh smell of greens and cool breeze blowing against your face. Midway up to the top of the hill is the Tea Garden House. It was once a tea estate. The view at this part of the hill is simply magnificent as you can see the whole Taiping as well as the Lake Gardens in Taiping.At the top of the hill, you can see the West Coast of the peninsula. On a less cloudy day, you can even see the coastline all the way from Pangkor Island to Penang.

Many visitors are also tempted to climb to the Cottage which also happens to be the only way to the top. The hill is full of lush greenery and flamboyantly colored flora and fauna. The cool climate on the hill also favors the golden sunflowers as the golden sunflowers here are claimed to be the largest variety in the whole of Malaysia. There is also a waterfall for photo-taking as well as to relax. Other activities here include bird-watching. The best site for bird-watching would be at the Gunung Hijau Trail which is a winding pathway up to the summit of Gunung Hijau. The well protected woods here are also the home to many small creatures like gibbons and squirrels. You can also embark on jungle trekking while being here.


3. Bukit Merah Laketown


The theme park is a large area of 11 acres and is indeed the largest in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. In total, there are ten adventures in the park. They are the Boomerang, Sandy Beachfront, Wave Pool, Giant Wet Bubble, Water Speed Slides, Giant Tube Rides, Body Slides, Lazy River, Activity Pool, Perak Mining Company and the Kids Adventure River. Other than these adventure rides, there is also the Marina Village which is for shopping, dining and relaxing at the arcade center. Also, there is the Resort Activity Counter where you can get more information and book for a variety of activities which include local tours, bike riding, camping and jungle trekking. The park is also equipped with the eco-park which is the home to a number of exotic and local birds, butterflies, otters, primates and reptiles all in their respective aviaries. On a daily basis, there are shows that feature talented animals. The jungle boardwalk is a place you should go if you want to relax and walk through the undisturbed rainforest of the park.

Another attraction at the park is the Orang Utan Island. It is certainly not to be missed if you are here. The Orang Utan Island is one of the first natural reserves for these unique creatures in the mainland of Malaysia. Visitors are allowed to watch them from the viewing platform. Watch them play and being fed at the island. There are plenty more attractions at the resort. To visit them all, pay a visit to the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.


4. Ipoh


Ipoh is the food haven for many food lovers. Many come from near and far to enjoy the hawker food in Ipoh. Ipoh is most famous for its chicken with flat noodles and its white coffee as well as its dim sum. On the weekends, Ipoh is packed with people looking for good food. This is especially true in the old town of Ipoh where food can be found at every street and corner.

There are a few landmarks which are important to the town of Ipoh. The Ipoh Field is an important landmark as it is surrounded by many historical buildings that feature the unique and classic colonial architecture including the HSBC building, Ipoh Club, St. Michael’s Institution and FMS Bar. The classic architecture can also be seen at the Ipoh Railway Station where is features the neo-classical architecture which was built during the British occupation. The Ipoh Town Hall is also another Edwardian Baroque inspired building located just opposite the Ipoh Railway Station.


5. Kellie’s Castle


The Kellie’s Castle was meant to be the center of the wealthy colonial planters and administrators to socialize. The mansion was built with a six storey tower, magnificent columns and even a wine cellar. There was also to be a rooftop courtyard for holding parties and an elevator which was at that time, the first in the country of Malaysia. Though plans were grand and full of luxury, the building was never completed. Construction began in 1915 but came to a halt in December 1926 with the unexpected death of its owner, William Kellie Smith. After the death of Smith, the estate on which the mansion was located was sold and the mansion, too became part of the deal in the selling of the estate. 70 workers mostly from Madras were hired to construct the mansion.

The bricks and marble were all brought all the way from India. Unfortunately, during the period of construction, a mysterious illness broke out and caused the death of many of Smith’s employees. Smith was told that he has to build a temple to appease the gods. With that, Smith quickly got his workers to build a Hindu temple nearby. Construction resumed after the temple was done. Unfortunately, the castle was never finished as Smith passed away due to pneumonia during his trip to Lisbon. Today, the mansion had been rediscovered and is now famously known by the locals and the tourists as the Kellie’s Castle. The mansion still stands tall through the test of time. This symbolizes the pioneering spirit of the early colonialists and the romanticism of a bygone era.


6. Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary


Its main objective of the sanctuary is to safeguard migratory and resident species birds which have been occupying the wetland area for a long time. The mudflat area is used by the migratory birds to feed and to rest during their migratory route from the northern to the southern hemisphere. 48 species from eight families of birds visit Kuala Gula from September to April every year. Their numbers are no less than tens of thousands each year. Some of these birds even come from Siberia in Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China and Mongolia. The mangrove swamp forest and mudflat of Kuala Gula are not only essential for migratory birds but also for the 600 families of fishermen who rely solely on the mangrove forests and marine ecosystem for their livelihood. Fishermen here make a living by either being involved in cockle farming, aquaculture, crabs, shrimp and fishing.

Eco-tourism is slowly gaining popularity in Kuala Gula. This will slowly aid in helping fisherman make a better living in the near future. Last year alone, Kuala Gula received 5000 visitors. The fishermen living around the mangrove swamp forest have made ends meets within the natural ecosystem of the forest for many decades. The dependence on the swamp forest will continue to grow in the next generations to come.


7. Kuala Kangsar


Kuala Kangsar has developed much since then and has spread across the lands along the river bank to fit the growing number of its people. There are several places of interest in Kuala Kangsar. One of the places worth visiting would be the Sultan Azlan Shah Museum which is just further down the road from the Royal Palace. The museum used to be an older Palace which was named Istana Hulu which was built back in 1903. The palace was built with the Victorian architecture in mind and about five years ago, the palace was made to house the Raja Perempuan Mazwin School. It was just recently that the school moved out and the palace was left vacant. Transformation work then turned the palace into the Sultan Azlan Shah Museum. Right outside the museum gates is a rubber tree. This is one of the two oldest rubber trees in Peninsula that have endured the years. The Resident of Perak at that time motivated the planting of rubber trees as the car industry progressed rapidly in the west. Many jungles were made into plantations to grow rubber trees.

In the older parts of Kuala Kangsar is the Ubudiah Mosque. The foundation of the mosque was laid in 1913 by Sultan Idris and Sir Hugh Low. The completion of the mosque was delayed because of World War I and was only completed a year after the death of Sultan Idris’ successor.Other places include the Istana Kenangan and the Malay College.


8. Lost World of Tambun (Sunway City Ipoh)


L The Lost World of Tambun took RM60 million to complete and is a much anticipated theme park for anyone in the area as well as tourists. The theme park is landscaped with various creepers, vines and other greeneries to give visitors an impression that they really are in a Lost World. The Lost World of Tambun is the sister theme park to the Sunway Lagoon theme park in Petaling Jaya and was officially opened to be public in November 2004. At the theme park, you can embark on various special rides such as the Tube Raiders where you slide down with large tubes, or the Cliff Racer where you race down at top speeds in a mine cart or the Jungle Wave Bay where you will be at a large pool with nine different waves. There is also a safari in the theme park where it is the home for three adult tigers.

Another interesting attraction at the theme park is the pool which is filled with hot mineral water from the Tambun hot springs which is well known for its healing properties. For visitors who prefer the less adventurous activity, you can choose to go for the Adventure River which goes around the theme park. This allows you to leisurely view the whole of the theme park.


9. Lumut


Lumut has progressed quite a bit since its humble beginnings as a small fishing village. Now that three decades have passed, so much has changed in Lumut. The progress of Lumut is contributed by the increasing number of tourists into Pangkor Island and also the Royal Malaysian Navy for setting up their base here in Lumut. As you drive through the small town of Lumut, you will see that rows and rows of apartments have emerged due to increase of population here. Many restaurants, pubs and cafes have started business here to cater to the expatriates who work with the Power Station nearby.

On the Lumut beach, visitors can enjoy some time in the water or on its sandy beach for some beach volley ball, banana boat ride, sand castle-making and many more. You can even bring out your mat and suntan under the sun. Lumut is also famous for its fresh and delicious seafood. The prices for seafood are cheap as well.


10. Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor)


There are several other attractions on the island of Pangkor other than its beach. These attractions include the Pangkor Town, the fishing villages, the Kali Amman Temple, the Tiger Rock, Dutch Fort, the Tombs and the Tortoise Hill. Of all the beaches in Malaysia, Pangkor Island can be said to have one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches. It is only here that you can find peace and tranquility that many other beaches do not have.

Of all the beaches in Pangkor, the Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay remains the most visited and popular among the foreign travellers though most of its visitors are Malaysians. The Nipah Bay is located about several kilometers north of Pantai Pasir Bogak. Unlike other beaches, the Nipah Bay has its own corals, sea cucumbers and well as a few species of birds on the beach. Nipah Bay actually consists of two beaches, the Nipah Beach and Coral Bay. From Nipah Bay, you can view the beautiful scenery of the two islands name Pulau Giam and Pulau Mentagor. At Pulau Giam, the best activity to do would be snorkeling as the waters are shallow and there are many kinds of corals and fishes to see.


11. Pasir Salak Historical Complex (Istana Kenangan Pasir Salak)


It was the murder of the British Resident of Perak, J.W.W Birch that started the war between the British and the Malays. Though the Brits were better equipped in terms of weaponry, it was claimed that the Brits prevailed in the war and thus led to the later declaration of independence from the British in the historical year of 1957. The Pasir Salak Historical Complex is also to commemorate the brave warriors who fought and risked their lives for our country. Among these warriors are Datok Sagor and Datuk Maharajalela. Special memorials are erected in their honour. The memorials are in the shape of a sundang which is a kind of knife that was commonly used during the British rebellion.

The Historical Time Tunnel is the main attraction of the complex as the important events of the Malays and Malaysia are highlighted and exhibited in the tunnel via dioramas. Other interesting exhibit includes the burial site of Seputum who was also another brave warrior of that time. There is also the house and fortress of Datuk Maharajalela and the lela rentaka which is a type of cannon used by the Malays at that time. The complex is actually situated along the banks of the Perak River and is often used as a venue for river-related activities. The picturesque scenery by the historic Perak River as well as the activities that can be done at the river also offers another attraction to visitors.


12. Sam Poh Tong Temple


It was said that the cave was found in 1890 by a monk who came from China. The monk was passing through Ipoh and he decided to make the cave his home and as a place for him to meditate. The monk remained at the cave for another 20 years until he deceased. There are still nuns and monks who dedicate their lives to Buddha occupying the cave temple of Sam Poh Tong until today. Other than being a Buddhist cave temple, the temple’s compound includes a crematorium and a columbarium where ashes of the deceased are kept safe. The comlumbarium in Sam Poh Tong is like a four-storey blue colored building block.

The cave temple is especially packed during the Ching Ming when the relatives of the deceased come to pay respect to their ancestors. They leave behind food and offerings to them. Also, in front of the temple is a very beautiful garden with a large fish pond. Decorations in the garden include the Japanese stone lantern and pagodas that add a touch of beauty to the garden. It was said that in 1993, the garden won the award of the best landscaped garden in Malaysia.


13. Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park


The park is perfectly landscaped and maintained by its management. Upon arrival at the park, you will be fascinated by the lush greenery, rivers and streams surrounding the park. The Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park is the alternative to a modern day spa which can be quite costly. The hot spring of Sungai Klah is believed to have natural healing properties that are able to help in healing and detoxifying the body. Anyone with stiff joints, stiff muscles, insomnia, spinal injuries, rheumatism or skin related problems should consider soaking an hour or two here.

Other than soaking away your health issues, you can also do some egg boiling activity. Temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius in this egg boiling area. Do be careful in this area especially if you have young kids with you. Also available is the water reflexology. Here you can walk barefoot along the hot stream of water that is covered with stones. Some say that if you are able to walk without feeling pain that would mean that you are healthy. Food is easily found here at the cafeteria in the park. Accommodations are also available. There are only villas available so it would be much cost efficient if you come in a large group or in families.


14. Taiping


Taiping is full of various tourist attractions. Of the many places of interest in Taiping, Maxwell Hill is one of them. The hill is a quiet one with an altitude of approximately 1000 meters. It can only be accessed via a long narrow single track road with the help of a four-wheeled ride vehicle. Other than the Maxwell Hill, there is also the Taiping Lake Gardens which is a garden for the public that was initially an abandoned surface tin mine.

If you are nature loving person, do not miss the chance to visit the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve. This is a forty-acre area of mangrove forest reserve. Here, you will get to see numerous flora and fauna in its untouched habitat. Other than these tourist spots, there are plenty of places to find cheap hawker food in Taiping.


15. Tempurung Cave (Gua Tempurung)


Gua Tempurung consists of five large domes with ceiling which look like coconut shells. The makeup of each domes are of different formations and marble which exist due to differing temperatures and water levels. The beauty of the caves is simply out of this world as their stalagmites, stalactites and other magnificent rock formations that are just a spectacular wonder. There are several tours into the cave as that is the main attraction here. The caves are actually situated under the limestone hills and tunnels are formed that lies from east to west and is about 1.9 kilometers in length.

The River Adventure is the tour which requires visitors to bring an extra set of clothes as one will sure to be drenched to the skin and full of sand. You can bring your own torch light and safety helmet but they are also available for rent. Caving here requires no prior experience and it suitable for just about anyone. Other than caving, you can go for white water rafting. Usually visitors go for the white water rafting after caving to clean themselves up. At the river, you will be in for some exciting rapids and floating down the clear river water in the middle of the green forest. This simply is the best experience you can ever have and it is a great activity to do with your friends and family.